Zveri to donate concert income to Mazaalai conservation

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ Given the name “Zveri”, meaning predators or wild animals in Russian, the famous pop-rock band is planning to donate about half of the income from the concert to conservation of Mazaalai, the Gobi bears, say the concert organizers. The Russian band is staging the concert in Ulaanbaatar on September 2.

In the margin on the 95th anniversary of the diplomatic relations between Mongolia and Russia, the concert is being hosted by the Russian Center for Science and Culture, the UB City Department for Arts and Culture, Department for Tourism and Friendly Ulaanbaatar Program. The main organizers are “Shamk” Entertainment Agency and AIST Mongolia TV channel.

The technical settings are the largest ever in Mongolia with 220 built-up speakers, inform the organizers.

From Mongolia, popular artists, namely, Lumino, A Sound, Gee and Rec On, as well as the deejays – Anna, BTB, Agvaan and Batbold, to throw a disco show after the concert.

Zveri is has a large number of fans in Mongolia, and is privileged to dedicate a concert on the occasion of the 95th jubilee of Mongolia-Russia diplomatic ties.

There are only 27 Mazaalai, the Gobi bears, left on earth. However, they are not getting the attention as much as Pandas do, which have population of two thousand.

Half of the concert income is to be donated to a Mazaalia conservation NGO, to improve the protection of endangered species and the operations of the organization.

Source: Montsame