Animal husbandry in statistics

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ In the first five months of this year, 18.8 million heads or 78.8% of 23.9 million heads of dams that were counted by end of 2015, have given births nationwide.

78.2% of the breeding goats, 84.1% of the sheep, 43.0% of the camels, 62.6% of the cows and 54.0% of the mares have given births.

18.4 million heads or 97.5% of the new born animals are survived, which indicates an increase of 316.1 thousand heads or 1.8% against the previous year.

By first five months of 2016, the unnatural loss of big animals reached 1,167.6 thousand heads, which increased by 822.1 thousand heads or 3.4 times against the previous year. Among the animals, the unnatural loss of horse reached 48.4 thousand, cattle--114.7 thousand, camel--0.6 thousand, sheep--426.8 thousand and goat--577.2 thousand.

Source: Montsame