Historic Ulaanbaatar



UB has a major opera house with a uniquely diverse repertoire – supplemented by inspiring modern operas.

The State Opera and Ballet Theatre  colloquially called Ulaanbaatar Opera House) opened on 15 May 1963 and the Mongolian opera and ballet developed under the influence of Soviet Russia, and most of today’s top professionals were educated there. The skills of Mongolian opera singers and ballerinas are internationally recognized to be of a high standard. If an opera or ballet is scheduled during the time you are visiting Ulaanbaatar, don’t miss a good opportunity of being introduced to Mongolian classic arts.

 Performance: Over 100 world classical and national operas, ballets and orchestral productions in the repertoire.

The State Academic Theater of Drama - World and national classics, modern plays. National historical plays such as 'Handful clot' and 'The Moon cuckoo' are a must to see.

The State Philharmonic, introduction into symphony orchestra – founded in 1957, by  People’s Artist, State prize laureate, Ts.Namsraijav. You can enjoy their concerts in the comfort of your home.

The “Morin Khuur” Fiddle Ensemble was established by the resolution No.123 of the Mongolian government as of 09 July 1992.  09 July 1992. As its first opening performance was held at the State Theatre of Opera and Dancing Ensemble in 16 April 1993, a new stage in the Mongolian art’s history was opened up and since then, apart from becoming a Mongolian cultural, artistic, and traditional pride, it developed into an ensemble reputed not only our country but also worldwide.

The “Bayan Mongol” Jazz Orchestra which laid the foundations for the Mongolian pop and variety arts was established by the guidance of Mongolian Honored Artistic Worker, composer, T.Chimeddorj in 1969.