Gandantegchinlen Monastery

Gandantegchinlen is the largest and most significant monastery in Mongolia and one of Ulaanbaatar’s most interesting sights. Building was started in 1838. Here, visitors can see religious service and ritual customs. As well, you can see Migjid Janraising, a 26.5m gold and bronze statue at the main temple of Gandantegchinlen monastery. There is Ganjuur Sutra consisting of 108 volumes made of nine precious stones and metals which are gold, silver, coral, pearl, turquoise, azure, nacre and steel in the Monastery. Currently Gandantegchinleng Monastery has over 400 monks; a Mongolian Buddhist University (established in 1970); three colleges of Buddhist philosophy; a Medical and Astrological College; a Kalachakra temple; a Jud Tantric College, and a number of temples.