Chinggis Khaan Square

City core

A square in front of the Parliament House, which is located in heart of Ulaanbaatar, was named after Chinggis Khaan who founded the Great Mongol Empire. Scholars from various countries in the world have proclaimed Chinggis Khaan as the Man of Millennium, acknowledging that he was great organizer, diplomat, politician, and warrior who set up the legal system of Mongolia and played a decisive role in the development of foreign relations, economy and the art of war. Chinggis Khaan was born in 1169 and founded the Great Mongol Empire in 1206 that occupied almost half of the world. There is a complex monument in the form of sitting Chinggis Khaan with his successors and warriors in front of the State House. At its centre is a seated bronze Chinggis Khaan statue, ruling it over his nation. He is flanked by Ogedei (on the west) who is the second Great Khaan of the Mongol Empire by succeeding his father, and Khubilai (east) who is the grandson of Chinggis Khaan and the founder of the Yuan Dynasty, a division of the Mongol Empire. Two famed Mongol generals (Boorchi and Mukhalai) guard the entrance to the monument.

The Chinggis Khaan square features a bronze equestrian statue of Sukhbaatar. D.Sukhbaatar was leader of people’s revolution in 1921. Today, the square is the scene of major state ceremonies, cultural events, and exhibitions.

GPS:  N47°55´08, E106°55´02