Historic Ulaanbaatar

Places to see in Ulaanbaatar - Museums and galleries

Ulaanbaatar has over 30 museums with incomparable and world well-known displays and artifacts. The Natural history museum of Mongolia is the must see spot for visitors. It is famous and well known to the world for its fossilized dinosaur skeletons and eggs including “two fighting dinosaur” and a 3 meters tall, 5 tones, flesh eating Tarbosaurus. Also, you can introduce with flora and faunas of Mongolia and visit Bactrian camel museum. The National history museum presents Mongolian history and culture from the dawn of human to the present day. A special gallery exhibits the clothing and accessories of Mongolia’s 20-odd ethnic groups. The ethnographic section features a furnished ger and a collection of saddles. Choijin Lama Temple Museum is a unique showcase of religious art and the history of Buddism in Mongolia. This museum is a gem of the historical and cultural heritage of the previous century. This classic work of our masters of the 17, 18 and 19 centuries has many masterpieces to show to our visitors from abroad. The Fine art museum shows Mongolian art from the Paleolithic Age to the early 20th century. It consists of several types; a land of rock paintings, cold and bronze decorative works, Zanabazar’s creative works, thanka and graphic paintings, and patchworks. Museum is famous with 17th century artist Zanabazars’ artworks and masks that used for religious Tsam dance dated in 18 century, decorated with precious stones. The Winter Palace of Bogd Khan was the home of Mongolia 's last king Javzan Damba Hutagt VIII until his death in 1924. This complex of temples and houses contain a number of Buddhist artworks and the private collection of Javzan Damba Hutagt composed of gifts of rulers and kings from all over the world. Situated a half way to Zaisan Hill, the south of the city center.