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UB Tourist Info Centers

The Tourist Information and Promotion Center (IPC) is established within the Ulaanbaatar City Tourism Board, aims to provide foreign visitors to Mongolia with all-type of tourism information, to introduce them with historically and cultural significant places of Ulaanbaatar and to introduce them to the city tour route and travel itinerary to beautiful natural landmarks. The center will promote tourism businesses, and will become the main bridge to connect travelers with tourism services. The tourist information and promotion center will also receive Mongolians who are travelling abroad and will give them advice and needed information.
Tel/Fax: (+976) 7010-8687 (TOUR)
#1 Address: Government Building No.4, Baga Toiruu-15, 4th Khoroo, Chingeltei District, Ulaanbaatar city 210646, Mongolia
#2 Address: 1st floor, Community Service Center (Иргэдэд үйлчлэх төв), In front of Central Khan Bank Building, Seoul Street, 4th Khoroo, Sukhbaatar District, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

UB Tourist Line

Tourist call center (+976) 70108687 (TOUR) is activated run at the Information and Promotion Center, an open hotline’s purpose is to provide visitors to capital with all the information in English, Russian, German and Chinese languages. And we will receive inquiries and complaints regarding pickpockets, crimes and service providers and pass it on to respective organizations to solve the matters promptly. Also be used in emergencies. Operators will connect callers to anything from hospitals to embassies.
Tariff Rate
from Mobile
50-100₮ (0.03-0.06$)
from landline
20₮ (0.01$)

UB Tourist App

Whether you are Mongolian or a visitor, the free Ulaanbaatar Official Travel Guide app is ideal tool to make the most of the city’s amazing culture and unique attractions. Keep up to date with the best events and places to visit, find out what’s near you, and browse all our must see recommendations. Free Ulaanbaatar the Official Travel Guide app Features: Comprehensive Listings of UB events, Attractions, Accommodations, Museums, Monasteries and much more. Ulaanbaatar Official Travel Guide app is brought to tourists by Ulaanbaatar City Tourism Department and GSPO LLC.
Tel: (+976) 7010-8687 (TOUR)